From Rage to Sage

My name is Anton. I created this project as a community service commitment that was ordered by a judge after I got into an angry altercation with my son. I have been studying Neurographics (NG), a method of solving problems by drawing, developed by a Russian thinker and teacher Pavel Piskarev. It made sense toContinue reading “From Rage to Sage”

Reflection 1

Next comes catharsis, which is kind of like pouring the contents of your brain onto a page. It takes only a few seconds, it’s thoughtless, and it captures the raw energy of what you’re feeling there and now as you make crazy squiggles on paper. I just moved the hand with the marker everywhere, anywhereContinue reading “Reflection 1”

Reflection 2

I’ll start this reflection with the finished drawing. At first, I was somewhat disturbed by this drawing. It didn’t look pretty to my eye. It seemed to be uglier than the first one. Was I taking a step back? I then realized that this is working out just right. This drawing was more raw, moreContinue reading “Reflection 2”


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