From Rage to Sage

Five reflections on anger and drawing My name is Anton. I created this project as a community service commitment that was ordered by a judge after I got into an angry altercation with my son. I have been studying Neurographics (NG), a method of solving problems by drawing, developed by a Russian thinker and teacherContinue reading “From Rage to Sage”

Reflection 1

As I began this project, I was in an unpleasant place, mentally and emotionally. Things were not flowing. My relationship with my then-GF was terrible. Anger that I was supposed to be looking at seemed almost constant throughout the day, usually in the form of mild irritation. One of the first stages of the NGContinue reading “Reflection 1”

Reflection 2

I’ll start this reflection with the finished drawing. At first, I was somewhat disturbed by this drawing. It didn’t look pretty to my eye. It seemed to be uglier than the first one. Was I taking a step back? I then realized that this is working out just right. This drawing was more raw, moreContinue reading “Reflection 2”


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