Neurographics is a way of drawing that recreates the outer from the inner. The world is a reflection of the beliefs we hold. Beliefs are arbitrary limits on what is possible, and therefore frame the limited way in which the world is experienced.

Neurography was discovered and developed by Pavel Piskarev, a Russian psychologist and creativity entrepreneur. Here is a descriptive quote, translated from Russian to English, from his website:

Creative method of transforming the world. Author’s method. Interdisciplinary practice that allows you to make the necessary personal changes, reliably remove restrictions and successfully simulate a new, desired reality. ~ Pavel Piskarev

The outer world, and the experience it engenders, is projected from within. There is no one who does not judge and interpret that world, most often from a bound and binding perspective. Almost always from the perspective of separation, believing that the perceiver and the perceived are separate rather than one and the same.

Would it not be miraculous, if there was even a glimpse of the falseness of this separative point of view, to make what seems to be divided and fearful, into that which is truly whole and ultimately benevolent? Change, soften, broaden your perspective, and the whole world changes accordingly.

xesandcornersFrom the first rounding of intersections and sharp angles, there is a sense of recreating that wholeness, of softening the edges of the harsh thoughts, and merging with our better intentions and greater knowing. Being whole; seeing whole. Letting go of fear. Opening to unlimited possibility and perspective.

The hand and brain are connected, and in tandem, or we would not be able to pick up or touch what is in front of us. Neurographics uses that connection to loosen and redirect the habitual thought patterns that create fear and confusion. Neuroplasticity, as a regenerative organic capacity, meets a new way of thinking and being. A new line; a new neural pathway.

We invite you to join us in the discovery of this process of redrawing the world, and your experience of a new perspective.