Neurographica: You, Transformed

Neurographica is a cathartic meeting with your unconscious that unfolds through drawing. The method was invented in Russia in 2015 and has grown rapidly around the world.

Creating your drawing is a beautiful meditative process based in mindfulness. It bypasses the rational thinking mind and able to reach deep into hidden layers of one’s psyche. Your unconscious, ordinarily inaccessible, is opened up. New neural networks are formed in the brain. What you thought is impossible suddenly becomes a reality.

The results can range from immediate insights and revelations to changes in your life that take place in the most unusual and creative of ways. Since you’re working with the unconscious, you may surprise yourself days later with a solution that comes seemingly out of nowhere.

If you’re interested in transforming your life with Neurographica, please let me know. I am a certified Neurographica teacher and look forward to sharing this groundbreaking method with you.

Areas of Focus

  • Anger
  • Addiction
  • Relationships
  • Inner Peace
  • Self Care


  1. queenvas says:

    lovely transformation


    1. antokhin says:

      Thank you ❤️


  2. Katherine says:

    Thank you…you have inspired me. I have just discovered neuro graphica


  3. Saffron Dawn says:

    Thankyou for sharing and i am curious if this would be a great theraputic way for People who suffer from Epilepsy? i also am an Artist but just discovered this type of Art and finding it somewhat impressive


  4. Dana Julian says:

    What is the purpose behind drawing circles? I understand the lines and curving corners, but I’m confused as to what the circles do for us.


    1. antokhin says:

      Circles signify God. They are unity, wholeness, completeness, and balance.


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