What is Neurographics?


Neurographics is a way of drawing that recreates the outer from the inner. The world is a reflection of the beliefs we hold. Beliefs are arbitrary limits on what is possible, and therefore frame the limited way in which the world is experienced.

Neurography was discovered and developed by Pavel Piskarev, a Russian psychologist and creativity entrepreneur. Here is a descriptive quote, translated from Russian to English, from his website:

Creative method of transforming the world. Author’s method. Interdisciplinary practice that allows you to make the necessary personal changes, reliably remove restrictions and successfully simulate a new, desired reality. ~ Pavel Piskarev

The outer world, and the experience it engenders, is projected from within. There is no one who does not judge and interpret that world, most often from a bound and binding perspective. Almost always from the perspective of separation, believing that the perceiver and the perceived are separate rather than one and the same.

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